07 December, 2012

Project Leveson

Several criminals have been arrested under orders from Comrade Jones of the Cardiffgrad Kremlin for reason of crimes against the state.

Last week, rouge broadcasts were intercepted by GNU officials from the counter revolutionary forces of "Soviets 4 Capitalism" (AKA - S.4.C.)

In the Bolshevik Propaganda, the Supreme Leader and the Great Policies of Production were chastised by "fictional land workers" who "claimed" that the Supreme Leader was weak regarding the badger war effort.

In a mission Code Named "Leveson";  Soviet heroes have been launched from Cosmos Central at Cape Caernarfon to intercept and destroy all communications satellites orbiting the State.

05 September, 2012

Ministry of Pain: Service Announcement

Service resumes following rehabilitation in the Gulag of Gwalchmai.

Services in the Ministry of Pain will be reorganised and comrades will be expected to be healthier to make sure the burden on the state is reduced.  The Ministry will still free issue pills to make sure you comply without concern.

A consultation is under way to make sure that you are healthy.

New Technology developed by our Supreme State will be deployed to nurse the sick.

Diagnostic Ailment Logistical Easement Kernel Systems (D.A.L.E.K.S.)  will be rapidly deployed by the Ministry of Pain to assist with patient needs.  Compliance is compulsory.

18 May, 2012

Welcome to Airstrip One

Brothers and Sisters!  We have won the battle for air dominance over Cymrugrad!

Comrade General Carwyn Jones has led our forces to successfully take over the Cardiffgrad Aeropark!
Angleski will be in debt to the Comrade General as our air link to Cardiffgrad will be retained, maintaining supply links for National Socialist members to Cardiffgrad.

Patrick Duffy - Brother of Oil Baron

Defeated Aeropark manager Patrick Duffy, known brother of Capitalist Oil Baron JR Ewing, has been sent to the Ministry of Love for re-integration.  His confession will be broadcast via telescreen shortly.

Comrade General Jones addressed our troops: "Welcome to Airstrip One"

04 May, 2012


Brothers and Sisters!  The Party has eradicated the Free Thinkers and the Capitalists from our land!
Party officials took office in Politburos throughout the land to improve our way of life for ever!

Hard Labour
Party officials will soon be at your door to issue you and your family with work orders, specially selected for your skills.

To maintain our strength as a State we will be renewing democracy.
Leisure Centres up and down the land will be closed to avoid a resurgence of a Capitalist operation known as "The Count"

28 April, 2012

Operation Tower Hamlets

Operation: "Tower Hamlets" a success

Comrades, our officers have been behind enemy lines to cleanse the political map beyond our borders!

Important instructions to our Comrades in Cymrugrad next week:
Stay in Doors - Operatives will be at your door to collect your paperwork marked "Postal Vote".  Do not worry about the complicated vocabulary or questions, our operatives will help fill in the forms for you and even deliver them to the appropriate authorities.

For those who failed to register for a "Postal Vote" you will be told what to do at the polling station by Operatives stationed outside.

Comrades who fail to follow instructions properly will be adjusted by the Ministry of Love.  Confessions will be broadcast by Telescreens on May 4th, 2012

06 April, 2012

Call for War!


Comrades, a call to arms!
The Capitalist Leader was at our border yesterday to declared War on our Glorious State!
Capitalists attacked our schools, our hospitals, our Leaders!

In these desperate times we called on Supreme Leader Milskiiband who gave an inspirational speech:

"Comrades, hear this: The Capitalists are out of touch with the Brothers and Sisters of our State.
But know this: We will always be touching;  you, your family and especially your children!

31 March, 2012

Comrades, Capitalist holiday home owners have been worried following reports that Nationalist Socialists have been hoarding petrol supplies.  Nationalists were seen in orderly queues outside of the Capitalist headquarters -  codenamed "TESCO".  Fuel supplies on Angleski are in short supply, however, production will be reduced in line with news that West German Capitalists have withdrawn from the development of Chernwylfaobyl B.  Politburo officers are in search of further investors to carry on with the plans.